Supervision at the GSeal
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Individual Supervision

All students in the doctoral program are individually supervised by two or three professors whose areas of expertise coincide with the respective doctoral project. Thus, the supervisory panel primarily offers individually tailored advising, taking into account the respective study and doctoral progress. In the course of the first semester, the goals of the doctoral studies are set out in a written supervision agreement together with the supervision panel and the doctoral students. The rights and obligations of the students as well as those of the supervisory panel are fixed in writing.

Components of the supervision agreement

  • Plans and goals of the doctoral students,
  • the individual compulsory study program, which primarily serves the purpose of closing possible gaps in the doctoral students' education, and learning alternative methods of empirical linguistics,
  • the individual compulsory elective program, in which the doctoral students acquire and expand knowledge and skills in the areas of core scientific activities (e.g. teaching, lectures and publications) and scientific organization (e.g. internships, organization of a professional conference, workshops on key qualifications, etc.),
  • a work and time schedule as well as
  • the amount and timing of supervision units.

At least one of the members of a supervision panel must hold the academic title of a professor or junior professor.