Offerings at the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics is a very active department in terms of equal opportunities work. And so there are also offers tailored to the various groups represented in a department. The general ones are listed here, the specific ones can be found in the target group navigation under:

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Network meetings

With different formats of network meetings, we would like to promote your networking in the physics department. At the Women Physicists Café, for example, we invite the speaker of the general physics colloquium to talk about your desired topic in a relaxed (coffee) atmosphere. The website and mailing list will keep you informed about the next events. Just come and meet physicists from other countries and universities!

You know a female physicist you would like to hear in the physics colloquium? Then send us a short email with the information. We are always interested in suggestions and will then contact the organiser of the colloquium.

Mailing list

You are already on the website of the Equal Opportunities Commission with all its offers. However, since new announcements and announcements for conferences, scholarships, etc. are always published, we will be happy to add you to our departmental mailing list. Please send a short note to gleichstellung.physik[at]

Participation in committees

Working on committees gives you an insight into the strategy of your department. Whether you are a student, doctoral student, postdoc or staff member - you have the opportunity to have a say and help determine decisions in appointment committees, the departmental council or the equal opportunities committee. We would like to encourage you to get involved and to take an equal opportunities perspective. The members of the Equal Opportunities Commission will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. We are always looking for committed young female academics, especially for appointment committees. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and prepare you for the task.

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In the learning centre in the lecture hall building of the Applied Physics Department, you will find an interesting range of literature. Under the heading "FIP" you can find information on historically important women as well as tips on dissertations and career planning.