Nuclear & particle physics
Nuclear & particle physics

Research seminar: quantum field theory

Winter semester 2020/2021


Beginning of lecture period: 2 November 2020
End of lecture period: 12 February 2021

Course number in the course overview: 112302

  • Organizers, organization & dates


    Dates & locations

    Seminar Monday, 14:00–16:00 KP/TP, seminar room 304

    Some dates take place in the framework of

    GRK 2149: Joint seminar of the research focus particle physics (“RTG Colloquium”)

    Date: 1st or 3rd Friday of a month, 12:00 s. t.

    Location: KP/TP 404

  • Topics & schedule

    23.09.2020, via "zoom"

    (Special date!)

    Markov Chain Monte Carlo Studies of the Proton Structure

    Peter Risse

    (ITP WWU Münster; M.Sc.-Talk)

    28.09.2020, via "zoom"

    (Special date!)

    Standard Model Parameters in the Heavy Quark Sector from Three-Flavor Lattice QCD

    Simon Kuberski

    (ITP WWU Münster; Ph.D.-Vortrag – Disputation)

    12.10.2020, via "zoom"

    (Special date!)

    Quark mass renormalisation constants from three-flavour lattice QCD

    Pia Petrak

    (ITP WWU Münster; M.Sc.-Talk)

    23.11.2020, via "zoom" Supersymmetry at the energy and intensity frontiers

    Dr. Amin Abou Ibrahim

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    30.11.2020, via "zoom" NLO QCD corrections to the electroweak top-pair production beyond the Standard Model

    Mohammad Altakach

    (Université Grenoble Alpes, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie, LPSC & IN2P3, CNRS)

    14.12.2020, via "zoom" NLO BFKL and perturbative QCD predictions for Mueller-Tang jets at the LHC

    Pablo Gonzalez

    (ITP WWU Münster; M.Sc.-Talk)

    Thursday, 17.12.2020,
    16:00 c.t., via "zoom"

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149,
    special date & department colloquium!)
    The ALICE experiment at the LHC opens a new avenue for nuclear physics

    Prof. Dr. Laura Fabbietti

    (TU München, Physik-Department)

    11.01.2021 Compatibility and impact of neutrino DIS data in global analysis of nuclear parton distribution functions

    Khoirul Faiq Muzakka

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    Friday, 15.01.2021, via "zoom"

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149)

    Dark matter (and more) with XENON detectors

    Prof. Dr. Marc Schumann

    (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Physikalisches Institut)

    25.01.2021 Viability of single inclusive hadron
    production data in nuclear PDF fits

    Pit Duwentäster

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    01.02.2021 Probing radiative seesaw models with neutrinos from the sun

    Thede de Boer

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    Thursday, 11.02.2021,
    16:00 c.t., via "zoom"

    (Colloquium of GRK 2149,
    special date & department colloquium!)
    Shine a light! When matter shatters

    Prof. Dr. Tetyana Galatyuk

    (TU Darmstadt, Institut für Kernphysik)