Nuclear & particle physics
Nuclear & particle physics

Research seminar: quantum field theory

Summer semester 2021


Beginning of lecture period: 12 April 2020
End of lecture period: 23 July 2021

Course number in the course overview: 114302

  • Organizers, organization & dates


    Dates & locations

    Seminar Monday, 14:00–16:00 KP/TP, seminar room 304

    Some dates take place in the framework of

    GRK 2149: Joint seminar of the research focus particle physics (“RTG Colloquium”)

    Date: 1st or 3rd Friday of a month, 12:00 s. t.

    Location: KP/TP 404

  • Topics & schedule

    19.04.2021, via "zoom" Squark Annihilation into a Pair of
    Gluons in the MSSM

    Luca Wiggering

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    26.04.2021, via "zoom" Real corrections to squark-gaugino production

    Alexander Neuwirth

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    Tuesday, 20.04.2021, 16:00,
    via "zoom"

    (Special date!)

    Single top quark production in the t-channel at hadron colliders

    Fernando Pinto Gómez

    (ITP WWU Münster; M.Sc.-Talk)

    03.05.2021, via "zoom" Algebraic Structures in Perturbative QFT: Topological Recursion

    Johannes Branahl

    (Mathematisches Institut der WWU Münster)

    10.05.2021, via "zoom" NN-QFT correspondence and symmetries of NN distributions

    Anindita Maiti

    (Northeastern University, Department of Physics, Boston, USA)

    28.06.2021, via "zoom" Improvement of the axial current for the exponential Wilson-clover lattice action

    Justus Kuhlmann

    (ITP WWU Münster)

    Monday, 13.09.2021, 10:00, SR 304

    (Special date!)

    Verifiable dark matter with radiative neutrino masses

    Thede de Boer

    (ITP WWU Münster; M.Sc.-Talk)