Nuclear & particle physics

Introduction to the Standard Model

Summer semester 2019

Lecture with tutorials

Course number in the course overview: 116300

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    Dates & locations

    Lecture WED 08:30–10:00 KP/TP 404
    FRI 10:00–12:00
    Tutorials FRI 08:30–10:00 KP/TP 403


    • Quantum field theory
    • Nuclear and particle physics I+II

  • Contents & literature

    Contents of the lecture

    • Introduction: Particles, forces, quark model, scattering experiments
    • QED: QFT reminder, local U(1), Feynman diagrams, renormalization, experiments
    • QCD: SU(3), UV and IR behavior, deep-inelastic scattering, experiments
    • Electroweak theory: Fermi model, Higgs mechanism, GSW model, flavor, experiments


    • I.J.R. Aitchison, A.J.G. Hey: Gauge Theories in Particle Physics I+II
    • M. Böhm, A. Denner, H. Joos: Gauge Theories of the Strong and Electroweak Interaction
    • T.P. Cheng, L.F. Li: Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics
    • F. Halzen, A.D. Martin: Quarks and Leptons
    • Particle Data Group: Review of Particle Physics. Chin. Phys. C38 (2014) 090001
    • M.E. Peskin, D.V. Schroeder: Quantum Field Theory
    • P. Schmüser: Feynman-Graphen und Eichtheorien für Experimentalphysiker
    • M. Schwartz: Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model (this book has many typos, see corr1, corr2, corr3, corrnew)
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  • Tutorials

    Coordination of the exercises: Dr. D. Bonocore
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