Nonlinear physics

Interdisciplinary practical course: Nonlinear modeling in science




Many physical, chemical or biological processes span several temporal and spatial scales. Examples are turbulent flows, chemical reactions, (surface) diffusion, crystal growth, flows in porous media or the mechanics and regulation of molecular motors. The underlying physical processes commonly exhibit nonlinear dynamics which significantly determine the macroscopic behavior. Modeling such processes poses a great challenge due to the complex dynamics, both in the physical and chemical formulation and the mathematical/numerical treatment. The Center for Nonlinear Science (CeNoS) at WWU deals with such problems in interdisciplinary cooperation. The offered practical course is supposed to create a foundation for interdisciplinary cooperation in this area of science through teaching and thus to prepare for an interdisciplinary working environment. The practical course particularly addresses students in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Application-oriented problems are worked on in small interdisciplinary groups.