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    Dates & locations

    Lecture Tue., 14:15–15:45 KP/TP 104
    Start: Tue., 18.04.2017, 14:15 KP/TP 104


    Basic knowledge in nuclear and particle physics and quantum field theory.

  • Contents & literature

    Contents of the lecture

    • Overview of QCD and some of its properties
    • Phenomenology of hadrons
    • Experiments for determining masses and decay widths
    • Scalar field theory on the lattice
    • Gauge fields (gluons) on the lattice
    • Applications of pure lattice gauge theory
    • Glueballs, exotica and their decays
    • Fermions (quarks) on the lattice and lattice QCD
    • Quarkonia
    • Experimental determination of the QCD coupling constants
    • Exemplary applications of lattice QCD


    • C. Amsler: Kern- und Teilchenphysik (UTB)
    • C. Berger: Elementarteilchenphysik – Von den Grundlagen zu den modernen Experimenten (Springer)
    • Review of Particle Physics: iopscience.iop.org/0954-3899/33/1/001/fulltext/ und journals.aps.org/prd/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevD.86.010001
    • M. Böhm, A. Denner, H. Joos: Gauge Theories of the Strong and Electroweak Interaction (Teubner)
    • O. Nachtmann: Phänomene und Konzepte der Elementarteilchenphysik (Vieweg)
    • C. Gattringer, C.B. Lang: Quantum Chromodynamics on the Lattice – An Introductory Presentation (Springer)
    • I. Montvay, G. Münster: Quantum Fields on a Lattice (Cambridge University Press)
    • H.J. Rothe: Lattice Gauge Theories – An Introduction (World Scientific)
    • J. Smit: Introduction to Quantum Fields on a Lattice (Cambridge University Press)

    Further references to literature are given in the lecture.

  • Lecture material

    All materials and further information about the lecture is provided on the Learnweb and can be viewed and/or downloaded there. The registration for the course requires the central username and the course password which is given in the lecture.