Summer Semester 2023

Emergente Halbleiterbauelemente / Emergent Semiconductor Devices

Learnweb: EH-2023_1

QISPOS/LSF: 112017


Semiconductors revolutionized our daily life. Today, billions of transistors perform complex computational tasks in the CPUs of our computers, tablets or smartphones. Lasers and detectors connected via optical fibers span the world wide web. Solar cells are the backbone to solve the global energy crisis. All these devices have one thing in common: they are made from semiconductors.

This lecture aims to give a comprehensive overview on the physical properties and operation principles of semiconductor devices. Starting with a concise review of the fundamentals of semiconductors, the physical operation principles of exemplary devices are discussed.

Format, credits and assignments:

2 SWS – 2 Credit points

Friday 8:30h – 10:00h in Seminar room 87 – IG1

The class is part of Master Physics / Master Physik program