Join the team

We offer exciting thesis projects  in our newly refurbished labs.

Master and Bachelor projects

We are seeking self-motivated students for thesis projects on Bachelor and Master levels enrolled at University of Münster.

In your thesis project you contribute to cutting-edge research on emergent nanomaterials and their integration in piezo-optoelectronic devices. You will receive a high level training in state-of-the-art nanofbarication technologies, spectroscopy methods and simulation tools.

Topics cover the entire range of research projects in the group from phononic devices to quantum control of single nanosystems:

  • Piezo-optomechanics with single quantum emitters (Master only)
  • Design of integrated circuits for nanoscale soundwaves (Bachelor and Master)
  • Acousto-opto-electric spectroscopy of emergent materials (Bachelor and Master)
  • Heterointegration of emergent materials and heterostructures on piezoelectric materials and circuits (Bachelor and Master)
  • Integrated magnetoacoustics (Master only)

Some of these topcis can be conducted in close collabioration or at external partners at world-leading research institutes.

Please contact Professor Hubert Krenner, Dr. Matthias Weiß or Dr. Emeline Nysten to make a personal appointment to discuss possible topics and opportunities.

Postdoc and PhD student positions

We are looking for self-motivated young researchers to join our team on PhD student and Postdoc level!

There are currently no open positions. We are more than happy to promote the careers of highly qualified and motivated candidates. If you are interested to apply for fellowship programs (DAAD, Humboldt Foundation, European Union) join our group as a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please contact Professor Hubert Krenner to explore possible research topics.

Please include a current CV, short motivation letter (one page max.), recent diplomas and transcript of receord and the name of two references.

Please contact Professor Hubert Krenner to make a personal appointment to discuss possible topics and opportunities.