| Check out our recent paper in Journal of Physics D
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New device for hybrid quantum technologies

Check out our latest publication in Journal of Physics D as part of our Special Issue on Guided Elastic Waves for Hybrid Nano- and Quantum Technologies

Togehter with Galan Moody's group at UC Santa Barabara and the Walter Schottky Institut at TU München, we succeeded in combining superconductors and semiconductor on a strong piezoelectric substrate. We fabricated novel resonator devices to control single quantum emitters in the semiconductor using nanoscale sound waves generated by sperconducting electrode. This heterogeneous integration process may be useful to design quantum acoustic devices to convert stationary qubits on a chip to flying photonic qubits.
Congratulations to Michelle, Michael and Emeline who led this work!

| Check out our recent paper in Nature Communication
Chip to sort single photons
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Acoustic waves sort single photons at unprecendented speed

Check out our recent paper in Nature Communications and the press release [English] [Deutsch].

Learn how we used out SAW-technology to sort single light quanta – photons – on a chip inside an integrated circuit for light.
Great collaboration with our good friends at University of Valencia, Paul-Drude-Institut in Berlin and Walter Schottky Institut at TU München.

Congratulations to Matthias Weiß for leading this work!

Hubert Krenner

New French-German Research Project approved

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinsschaft (DFG) and Agence Nationale de la Recherce (ANR) support a new French-German project.

In our project INPhO, the group of Sarah Benchabane at FEMTO-ST Besançon and the Hybrid Quantum- and Nanosystems Group at Münster will develop novel integrated phononic circuits with an optomechanical interconnect for nonlinear signal processing.

We are looking forward for a fruitful collaboration with exciting new results!

Hubert Krenner

New DFG Project

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinsschaft (DFG) grants new research project on Integrated Magneto-Phononic Circuits.

Together with the group of Manfred Albrecht (Universität Augsburg) and Claas Abert (Universität Wien) we will design novel integrated circuits to control the flow of nanoscale soundwaves on a chip using magnetic thin films.

Hubert Krenner

New review paper on Hybrid Quantum Technologies

A reviewer paper jointly written with the group of Galan Moody (UC Santa Barbara), Daniel Wigger (Trinity College Dublin) and Pawel Machnikowski (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology) "Quantum Control of Optically Active Artificial Atoms with Surface Acoustic Waves" appeard in IEEE Transactions on Quantum Technologies. Congratulations to Michael, Matthias, Emeline, Michelle and Daniel for their hard work! 

Hubert Krenner
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Major instrumtentation grant approved

We successfully secured funding to set up a photonic probestation equipped operating at millikelvin temperatures.

Check out our recent press release: