Research groups at the Institute of Applied Physics

The work of the experimentally oriented institute focuses on nonlinear phenomena in magnetic and magneto-optical systems (AG Demokritov) and in photonic systems (AG Denz), as well as on the generation of ultrashort laser pulses (AG Fallnich) and their technical applications.

Exemplary for the manifold questions, which are of fundamental importance for the understanding of nature as well as have a considerable application potential in novel parallel and reconfigurable information processing systems, is the research area of solitons. These invariant, particle-like wave objects occur in optical systems, in semiconductors, and in gas discharge systems as well as in other solids and in systems of elementary particle and astrophysics. Therefore, on the one hand, they are a central topic of nonlinear physics, but on the other hand, they promise a considerable improvement of the data transmission rate in information processing, object recognition and material preparation as well as the realization of new photonic interconnect devices. Thus, numerous experimental disciplines, which have been identified by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as key technologies of the future, are in the foreground of the institute's work. In particular, optics as a cross-sectional technology, which is promoted in the funding program "Optical Technologies" as an interdisciplinary future technology of the 21st century, has a high priority in the institute through the fields of nonlinear optics and photonics.

Research Groups

Logo Group Demokritov Nonlinear Magnetic Dynamics
Work group of Prof. Dr. S. O. Demokritov
Logo Group Denz Nonlinear Photonics
Work group of Prof. Dr. C. Denz
Logo Group Fallnich Optical Technologies
Work group of Prof. Dr. C. Fallnich


Logo Group Lange Nonlinear Optics and Pattern Formation
Work group of Prof. a.D. Dr. W. Lange
Logo Group Purwins Nonlinear Systems and Pattern Formation
Work group of Prof. em. Dr. H.-G. Purwins