Students’ Club of Optical Technologies Training

This new and open learning concept is intended to support the discovery or strengthening of hidden or already existing interest in the areas of optics and photonics. Additionally, the development of further personal knowledge and skills shall be supported. This provides a practice-oriented and early decision-making support for possible future activity in research and development areas of industry as well as non-university research institutes.

It is planned to regularly meet for shop talk and handicraft like in a “community of interests" on physical and technical optics. Therewith, the “Students’ Club of Optical Technologies” aims to bridge the gap between lectures on the one hand and seminars, internships and mini-research on the other.

SCOTT is offering a platform for scientific discussions and first independent research activities. Within SCOTT scientific-technical ideas and questions can be implemented independently and/or in cooperation with the supervisors. Depending on the issue of interest in the context of optical technologies the realization of a solution can be promoted by free experiments in small groups up to the (partial) integration into current research projects of the working group. Deeper insight into the issue of interest can be gained also by technical discussions (based on current publications) or by student presentations (including demo experiments) about corresponding R&D-topics in optics.

A seminar certificate and/or a certificate for a compulsory elective practical course can be obtained. Getting such a certificate – if it would be accepted for the chosen program of studies – is depending on the number of active participants, as well as on the type, quantity and quality of the personal contribution within SCOTT.

The Tutorial Team

Prof. Dr. Carsten Fallnich
Florian Schepers
Martin Schnack