Advanced Optical Microscopy and Micromanipulation

February 25 -27, 2013
Symposium at the University of Münster

Poster session | Poster award | Guided tours | Hands-on sessions

> Agenda of the Symposium
Novel developments in advanced optical microscopy do not only aim at highest resolution or novel imaging methods but also at the integaration of multiple imaging and manipulation modes into a single system. These multimodal workstations are a highly topical subjects at interdisciplinary conferences or projects.
Important state-of-the-art techniques include various fluorescence modes, STED-techniques, and nonlinear (two-photon) imaging as well as spectroscopical methods (Raman/CARS), micro- and optofluidic methods, and complex dynamic optical tweezers.
The aim of this symposium is to provide an overview of the state-ofthe-art of the different technologies, discuss recent advances, and Indicate potentials of the multimodal approach for biophysical and biomedical investigations.
On the third day, participants may bring their own sample to use available techniques for measurements. Lab tours in different CiM laboratories will be organized.
> Programm February 25, 2013
Advanced Microscopy: Nanoscopy and Super Resolution
City tour (optional)
13:30–14:00 Registration


Welcome and Introduction
Cornelia Denz
14:15–15:45 Alberto Diaspro (Genua)
Enhancing far-field super resolution fluorescence microscopy towards 3D imaging of thick scattering specimens and variations on the theme at the nanoscale
Rainer Heintzmann (Jena)
Structured Illumination and the Analysis of Single Molecules in Cells
15:45–16:15 Coffee break

René Hägerling and Friedemann Kiefer (Münster)
Novel light microscopic approaches for visualizing lymphatic vessel development and function
Michal Reichman-Fried and Erez Raz (Münster)
Primordial germ cell migration in zebrafish embryos
Jürgen Klingauf (Münster)
Probing protein-protein interactions on the nm scale using TIRF/PALM
Frank van den Boom (Nikon)
Light Microscopy beyond the diffraction limit.
Nikons new Superresolution Microscope Systems N-SIM and N-STORM
18:00–19:00 Microscopy demonstration
Hands-on Experiments
> Programm February 26, 2013
Advanced Microscopy: Innovative techniques and micromanipulation
09:00–10:30 Erik Manders (Amsterdam)
Improving sensitivity and resolution in confocal microscopy
Volker Walhorn (Bielefeld)
Scanning probe and fluorescence microscopy – a joint approach to analyze the structure of intermediate filaments and the affinity of Protein DNA complexes
10:30–11:00 Coffee break

Vinod Subramaniam (Enschede)
Multimodal fluorescence imaging for nanomaterial characterization
Björn Kemper and Gert von Bally (Münster)
Digital holographic microscopy: A toolbox for minimally invasive quantitative live cell imaging
Carsten Fallnich (Münster)
A route to sub-diffraction-limited CARS microscopy
Cornelia Denz (Münster)
Exploring cells and bacterial molecular motors with a multimodal workstation combining microscopy, holography and optical tweezers
12:45–13:15 Lunch break
13:15–14:15 Poster session
14:15–15:45 Pablo Loza-Alvarez (Barcelona)
The use of Gaussian and Bessel beams for multimodal light-sheet fluorescence imaging
Alexander Jesacher (Innsbruck)
Light microscopy with spatial light modulators
16:00 Lab tours and Hands-on Experiments
> Programm February 27, 2013
Advanced Microscopy: Experiments and Networking
09:00-12:00 Bring your own sample
Individual Lab tours

No conference fee will be charged.