Mpi Aussen


Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine
Röntgenstraße 20
48149 Münster, Germany


Train and Bus: ICE, IC and EC trains arrive at Münster central
station (Hauptbahnhof). From here take either a taxi (ca. 10
minutes, 5 km) or take the bus (ca. 25 minutes).

City bus 5, 11, or 12 to bus stop "Schreiberstraße". Walk
approx. 50 m in driving direction (of the bus) and turn right to
follow the signs "Max-Planck-Institute".

City bus 4, 13 to bus stop "Wilhelm-Klemm-Straße". Walk
approx. 100 m in driving direction (of the bus), turn left into
"Röntgenstraße" and follow the signs "Max-Planck-Institute”.

Driving Directions: Approach Münster by autobahn A1 until you
reach the exit "Münster-Nord". Leave the autobahn and head for
the city center of Münster (Münster-Zentrum). After 2 km turn
right into Austermannstraße. Follow Austermannstraße through
two roundabouts and exit the third roundabout to the right into
Mendelstraße. Follow the signs "Max-Planck-Institute”.

Airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO): From there take a taxi (30
minutes driving time, 25 km) or take the bus (bus S50, R52, or
D50, ca. 50 minutes) to Münster central station.

Airport Düsseldorf (DUS): Take a train to Münster central station
(ca. 90 minutes)