Participants can see and/or use the following microscopes at AOMM13:

Ti-PFS-STORM: New Super-Resolution microscope system which exceeds traditional diffraction limits by an order of magnitude and is capable of 3D image acquisition. The N-STORM System is based on Nikons fully motorized inverted research microscope Ti-E and combinable with Nikons Confocal systems or N-SIM (a second Super Resolution technique which is based on structured illumination of the sample).
You can bring your own N-STORM d-STORM samples. For further information contact Dr. Frank van den Boom (telefone number +49 175 7237141).

BioStation IM-Q: Compact cell incubation and monitoring device that incorporates a microscope, an incubator and a high-sensitivity cooled quantitative CCD camera into one self-contained system.

AZ100 Multizoom: New Zoom microscope solution for macro imaging applications for biomedical and industrial markets. It offers high working distance and great field of view as well as certain traditional microscopy contrasts (e.g. Fluorescence, DIC).

Eclipse Ni-E: Nikon's upright microscope system offering superior optical performance, multi-mode expandability, and advanced motorization capabilities.


Holographic optical tweezers: Bio-compatible workstation for the manipulation of micro- and nano-particles. Different microscopy techniques as phase contrast, DIC, fluorescence illumniation, DHM, are included.