Welcome to the Homepage of the Research Project "FIRE: Feedback Instruments for Rescue Service Education - Leadership and Teamwork in High Risk Environments"!

Traffic accidents, fires or technical assistance - firefighter leaders have to make quick decisions at emergency locations together with the police and the rescue service. It is not uncommon for life and limb of the people involved to be at stake. The situation is further aggravated by time pressure and confusing information situations. Good training is essential to meet these demands.

FIRE is a cooperation between the Department of Organizational and Business Psychology at the University of Münster (OWMs) and the State Fire Institute of North Rhine-Westphalia (IdF NRW) in Münster. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has assumed patronage of the project.

The goal of FIRE is to continuously improve the quality of training for fire department leaders - to ensure reliable help for people in need:

  • Evaluation: According to scientific standards we develop evaluation instruments for the training of firefighter leaders.
  • Research: We collect new findings to better understand leadership and teamwork in high-risk environments.