Current research topics:


  • Data collection for the development of questionnaires based on interview studies with trainees and trainers of the Institute of the Fire Brigade (IdF) NRW
  • Validation of the FIRE-questionnaires with the help of the trainees of the IdF NRW
  • What competencies do fire department managers need? Conducting interview studies and quantitative studies
  • What are the special challenges faced by fire department managers when leading firefighting groups?
  • What role does trust play in the work of fire department managers?

The Survey-Panel FIRE Feedback enables longitudinal study designs. This allows us to look at developments over time. In addition, the panel allows us to target specific groups within the fire department. This for example result in the following research topics:

  • Validation of scientific models on long-term effects of leadership and teamwork in high-risk environments
  • How do leadership skills develop?
  • How do members of volunteer fire departments motivate themselves or what are the reasons for leaving?
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