Welcome to the Münster School of Ancient Cultures!

The Münster School of Ancient Cultures (MSAC) is an interdisciplinary graduate school founded in December 2020 at Münster University. It unites the numerous subjects and disciplines of ancient studies at Münster University.

The aim of the MSAC is to provide the best possible support and guidance for doctoral students during the realization of their doctoral projects.
From the beginning of the doctoral phase and in close exchange between the doctoral students and their supervisors, the MSAC aims to offer a thematically, theoretically and methodologically open ideal platform for the most diverse research projects from the named subjects and disciplines. At the same time, the MSAC wants to promote the exchange with peers and more advanced scientists through appropriate interdisciplinary and international formats, events and coaching, as well as facilitate the establishment of international research networks.

Whether you are visiting the MSAC site as a student, faculty member, or otherwise interested, you are welcome! Have a look around and feel free to contact us.