Study programme

The accompanying promotion programme of the MSAC

Please note: The tableau that you see here in its current discussion version has not yet been adopted, but it reflects the intended program and didactic concept of the graduate school. It allows doctoral students a high degree of individualisation of their study programme and a wide spectrum of qualifications, specialisations, orientations and own initiatives. The listed options will be rewarded with corresponding ECTS points according to the time required.

The accompanying doctoral programme comprises at least 35 ECTS credits, which are composed as follows:

  • Compulsory courses (12 ECTS credits)
  • Elective courses (23 ECTS points)

The performances required within the framework of the accompanying doctoral programme are provided by:

  • Mandatory performances (amounting 12 ECTS credits)

    • mentoring by the doctoral supervisor (discussions, attendance of the doctoral colloquium, writing of interim reports) (6 ECTS credits)
    • presentation of the dissertation in the MSAC at the beginning and in the middle of the duration of the doctoral programme (each 3 ECTS credits)
  • Mandatory elective performances (amounting to at least 23 ECTS credits)

    • own presentation at a conference or in the context of a workshop (6 ECTS credits)
    • poster presentation at a conference (3 ECTS credits)
    • learning of languages or deepening of language skills relevant to the dissertation (up to 12 ECTS credits)
    • supervision of final thesises (in subjects in which this is possible for doctoral students) (3 ECTS credits for B. A. thesis, 6 ECTS credits for M. A. thesis)
    • participation in or sole writing of project proposals (individual)
    • completion of an internship with reflection on the subject area and career prospects (max. 12 ECTS credits)
    • participation in an exhibition concept (max. 12 ECTS credits)
    • activities in the area of research transfer (max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • attendance of events at the Graduate Centre/ Career Service (max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • organisation and implementation of a workshop or conference (6 ECTS credits)
    • organisation and implementation of an (internal) reading circle (max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • organisation and implementation of an excursion (6 ECTS credits)
    • organisation/conception and implementation of a course (6 ECTS credits)
    • participation in university didactic courses of the ZHL (max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • participation in courses on digitalisation (max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • participation in coaching seminar (3 ECTS credits)
    • participation in summer academy (TBA)
    • participation in MSAC lecture series (TBA)
    • participation in field research (max. 12 ECTS credits)
    • participation in master class, reading circle, summer school (each 2 ECTS credits, max. 6 ECTS credits)
    • participation in excursions (max. 6 ECTS credits)