Mission Statement

The Mission: MIPRI supports and unites the scientific and societal potential for sustainable peace-building initiatives.


The Münster International Peace Research Initiative (MIPRI) continues Münster’s legacy as an intellectual and geographic locale of peace-building since the signing of the Westphalian Peace Treaty in 1648. The MIPRI Peace Research Prize promotes future-oriented ideas in peace and conflict research from international junior scientists, while the PeaceHUB fosters exchange in peace research and peace building among local, national and international actors.

Call for applications

MIPRI offers Münster Peace Research Prizes for junior scientists (PhD, Postdoc)

Application Deadline: 14 February 2022
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The prizes are awarded to junior scientist based on their innovative and exciting research proposal. We encourage the broad spectrum of the Peace and Conflict Research field to apply for this prize. The prize money should be used for the implementation of the research proposal. The research can be conducted both in Münster as well as remotely. In addition, the awardees will be required to attend the Münster Summit (October/November 2022) during which they are to present their research results and take part in the events.