Call for Münster Peace Research Prize

Call for applications: Münster International Peace Research Initiative offers Münster Peace Research Prizes for junior scientists (PhD, Postdoc)

Application Deadline: 14 February 2022

The Münster International Peace Research Initiative (MIPRI) continues Münster's legacy as an intellectual and geographic locale of peace-building since the signing of the Westphalian Peace Treaty in 1648. To further advance peace research, MIPRI awards several Münster Peace Research Prizes. MIPRI is an initiative in the framework of the Research in Germany program of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The prizes are awarded to junior scientist based on their innovative and exciting research proposal. We encourage the broad spectrum of the Peace and Conflict Research field to apply for this prize. The prize money should be used for the implementation of the research proposal. The research can be conducted both in Münster as well as remotely. In addition, the awardees will be required to attend the Münster Summit (October/November 2022) during which they are to present their research results and take part in the events.

MIPRI awards a total of four Münster Peace Research Prizes for junior international researchers: Two prizes for researchers in their latter stages of their PhD work and two prizes for Postdocs in their early/mid Postdoc phase.

The Münster Peace Research Prizes are aimed at:

  • Researchers (PhD, Postdoc) with an expertise in peace and conflict research overlapping with topics such as: sustainability, democracy, pandemic and religion.
  • Researchers who are willing to promote their research on one or more digital platforms.
  • Researchers who are ready to start their research project between March and April 2022.

The Münster Peace Research Prizes offer:

  • Prizes for PhD researchers: €14.000,- (prize money is calculated on a monthly allowance of €2333,-).
  • Prizes for Postdoctoral researchers: €17.000,- (prize money is calculated on a monthly allowance of €2833,-).
  • Funding for travel and accommodation to attend the Münster Summit.
  • Research in a vibrant environment with a long-standing history of peace building dating back to the Peace of Westphalian in 1648. With the University of Münster providing cutting-edge research support structures e.g. through the Excellence Cluster Religion and Politics.
  • Access to all University of Münster communication channels, networks, and research infrastructure.
  • Possibility for research at home or on-site.

Prerequisites for applying to the Münster Peace Research Prize:

  • A research plan that can deliver results in 4 to 6 months or a research project with a longer time frame that has already been started.
  • A letter of recommendation from a previous or current supervisor.
  • A letter of intent from a University of Münster researcher that states the interest of collaboration (specific; guide, advice and accommodate the research). For question email
  • A research expose outlining the proposed research project.
  • A description of academic career to-date.
  • To be actively engaged on PeaceHUB, a digital platform that brings together scientist and the local community to exchange ideas on topics related to peace and conflict research. For example, through podcast, video and social media posts.
  • Willingness to present your work on-site during the Münster Summit/Day of Peace (Oct/Nov 2022).
  • Have not worked at a German University / Research Institute in the past 6 months.
  • Completed the majority of your academic qualification outside of Germany.
  • Optional a video (max 2 minutes) explaining the foundations of the research proposal.

Application Deadline: 14 February 2022

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