Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger und Dominik Czeppel, M. A.
© Susanne Lüdeling / IfK

 New project: Interfaces and Collaboration in Municipal Communication in cooperation with the city of Münster

(05.12.2017) How can collaboration of municipal communication in the different departments of a city become organized future-oriented, while its duties and responsibilities are increasingly extensive? The project „Interfaces and Collaboration in Municipal Communication“ which is conducted in cooperation with the city of Münster, is aiming to answer this question. The project starts at December 1st and will be led by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger and Dominik Czeppel.

Today, not only the citizens’ needs are becoming more differentiated, also the number of technological possibilities of a commune to engage in fast, individual and mostly dialogic contact is increasing. Therefore, the various activities of the different departments (such as press office, city marketing and others) to inform and communicate have to be coordinated. To explore which forms of organizational interfaces and structures are the most fitting for efficient coordination, interviews with experts will be conducted and thereby revealed, future-oriented cases will be analysed. The overall aim is to provide concrete action recommendations for the organization of interfaces and collaboration in the municipal communication.

Contact person for press and public relations:
Dr. Stephan Völlmicke
phone: +49 251 83-23006
telefax: +49 251 83-21310 (department office IfK)

For further enquiry with regards to content:
Dominik Czeppel
Research Assistant
phone: +49 251 83-23014