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Master Research Seminar led by Jutta Röser publishes case studies on internet appropriation by senior citizens

(13.12.2017) Entitled “Silversurfer 70plus. Qualitative Fallstudien zur Aneignung des Internets in der Rentenphase“, Prof. Jutta Röser and the Students from her research seminar at the Department of Communication (IfK) published their findings.

The qualitative research project focused on senior citizens who started using the internet after being retired. The project investigated how the so-called “Silversurfer“ discovered the internet for themselves, how they use it and how they are experiencing it.

It could be shown clearly that the group of senior citizens is highly heterogeneous.
First, the “Silversurfer” found their access to the new medium through various different ways, e.g. through their volunteer work, suggestions by children or grandchildren living faraway and resulting from the wish to keep pace with the latest societal developments. Second, the way this group experiences the online medium varies between unfamiliarity and familiarity and between work and game.

All nine students who participated in the research seminar contributed to the publication. They contributed chapters presenting comprehensive analyses. Moreover, they wrote 19 media-ethnographic portraits the individual “Silversurfers” based on guided interviews in their homes. To admit to the individual perceptions of the senior citizens, these interviews are included in the book as well.

The book was published in German in December 2017 by kopaed (Munich).

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