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Invited Tutorial

A Glimpse into Statistical Relational AI: The Power of Indistinguishability

A tutorial on Statistical Relational AI (StaRAI) at SUM 2022
15th International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management, 17-19 October 2022, Paris, France


Statistical relational artificial intelligence, StaRAI for short, focuses on combining reasoning in uncertain environments with reasoning about individuals and relations in those environments. An important concept in StaRAI is indistinguishability, where groups of individuals behave indistinguishably in relation to each other in an environment. This indistinguishability manifests itself in symmetries in a propositional model and can be encoded compactly using logical constructs in relational models. Lifted inference then exploits indistinguishability for efficiency gains. This tutorial showcases how to encode indistinguishability in models using logical constructs and highlights various ways of using indistinguishability during probabilistic inference.

An accompanying proceedings article can be found here.


  • Tanya Braun


  1. Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence
    • Probabilistic relational models
    • Grounding semantics
    • Context
  2. The Power of Indistinguishability
    • Lifted query answering and tractability
    • Keeping indistinguishability over time
    • Indistinguishability in decision making
  3. Summary


Slides: pdf