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Talks of the Research Group in 2024

  • Planned: Tanya Braun: "HAPPI Reconciliation: A KI Starter Project", sAIOnARA 2024 (Conference on Shaping Trustworthy AO: Opportunities, Innovation, and Achievements for Reliable Approaches), Bielefeld, 27.6.2024

Tanya Braun
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KI Starter Project Accepted

Tanya Braun has successfully submitted her project "HAPPI Reconciliation - Human-aware PGMs and Probabilistic Inference via Lifted Model Reconciliation" to the "KI Starter" funding program. The project serves to investigate how explainable results can be generated in the context of probabilistic inference. The project will fund a further doctoral position, which will be advertised soon.

The funding program is part of the "Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning" funding line and is aimed at those who want to advance their own research project in the field of AI/ML at a university in North Rhine-Westphalia.