OpenOffice Writer for Scientific Papers

Content: OpenOffice Writer is a good alternative to Microsoft Word for scientific work. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet and is in no way inferior to other word processing programs for which a fee is charged. In this course, participants learn how to use OpenOffice Writer in a targeted way to create a scientific paper. For this purpose, the program logic is explained, in order to then enable the creation of a formally flawless as well as visually convincing term or final paper. With the help of practical exercises, the participants learn how to use document and format templates in a targeted way, how to create outlines, and how to generate quotations, references or a bibliography without a great deal of time. In addition, the possibilities of the program to use graphics and tables as well are practiced.

Target Group: students with basic program knowledge

Program Version: Open Office 4.1.10

Course Material: currently under revision

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