Word for Scientific Papers

Content: In this course, participants learn to use Word in a targeted way to create a scientific paper. For this purpose, the program logic is explained, in order to enable the creation of a formally flawless and visually convincing term or final paper. With the help of practical exercises, the participants learn how to use document and format templates in a targeted way, how to create outlines, and how to generate table of contents without a great deal of time. In addition, the possibilities of the program to use graphics and tables are practiced.

Target Group: students with at least basic program skills

  • Zoom Course

    Type of Instruction: 3-hour trainer-led online training as WWUzoom conference

    Program Version: participation with your own device and your own Office version, possible from Microsoft Word 2013, training with Office 365/ Word 2019

    Course Material: Link to course material at Learnweb [de]
    In good time before the course begins the participants will receive further information via e-mail.


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  • Classroom Course

    Type of Instruction: 4-hour training at WWU IT desktops (Windows only) in German language

    Program Version: Microsoft Office 2019

    Course Material: Link to course material in Learnweb [de]


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