Effective Foto Editing with Lightroom

Content: The Lightroom course follows the steps between taking a photo and a finally edited image file. It explains the basics in sorting, structuring and editing photos and provides suggestions for an effective file workflow. The course aims to select the best images from an unstructured set of images on a storage medium and then process them in a largely automated manner. In the end, the images should be suitable for further processing in other software (Photoshop, Indesign etc.) or for publishing directly. In this course, the possibilities and limitations of the Adobe Lightroom software are demonstrated and various functions are explained with the necessary background knowledge.

Target Group: students without program knowledge

  • Learnweb Course

    Type of Instruction: Learnweb course, about 4 hours of self-study over one week with video inputs and supervision of practising by instructors in German language

    Program Version: Participation with your own device. During the period of the course Lightroom may be used on a virtual desktop. The trainer uses Adobe Lightroom CC 2021.

    Please note: In order to access the software, you will be placed for the duration of this course in the user group "u0zkgraf". You will be informed about this via mail. There is no need to react to this mail. Furthermore, each participant requires a valid Adobe-ID to use the software.

    Course Material:
    Participants will receive a link to the Learnweb course and the course documents by e-mail before the course.


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