Administration and Operation of Windows Domains

Content: The course focuses on the setup and operation of servers and workstations in an Active Directory environment (Windows network). Security relevant topics will be the main focus:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • User Administration
  • Security: file system, registry, network, security policies, firewall
  • Server in Active Directory: Complete structures, domain structures, domains, organizational units (OU), trust positions, locations, replication, group policies
  • Basics of a Windows PKI infrastructure (certificates, smart cards, certification authorities, etc.)

Target group: advanced Windows users who want to expand their knowledge of the requirements of a large computer network.

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    Administration und sicherer Betrieb von Windows-DomänenMartin Ketteler-Eising, Oliver Winkelmann22.03.2113/2422.03. - 26.03.21, Mo-Fr 10-16 UhrSRZ 102, Orléans-Ring 12