Introduction to Programming with Python

Contents: Python is the ideal language for getting started in programming because of its easy to learn syntax. This practical course offers a comprehensive insight into Python 3, with the goal of learning the essential techniques and underlying ideas using numerous illustrative examples. Step-by-step solutions for typical problems will be worked out. The participants learn about program development with Python in a practice-oriented way and especially the application of concepts of object-oriented programming. Projects that were started in the computer lab can be further developed at home. There are exercises to prepare for the exam. The following aspects are covered:

  • Data types, control structures, functions
  • Modeling with sequences, dictionaries and sets
  • Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • String processing and regular expressions
  • Graphical user interfaces (tkinter), threads and events
  • Access to data from the Internet and image processing
  • Optional: Databases
  • Optional: Scientific projects and data visualization
  • Optional: physical computing with the Raspberry Pi

Target Group: participants with little or no programming knowledge, previous knowledge of Python is not required

General Studies: creditable

Recommended Reading:
Weigend, Michael (2018): Python 3. Lernen und professionell anwenden. Das umfassende Praxisbuch. 7., erweiterte Auflage. Frechen: mitp (mitp Professional).

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    Einstieg in das Programmieren mit PythonDr. Michael Weigend02.11.2076/35Mo 14-18 Uhr, 14-tägl.WWU IT Computer-Lab 3, Einsteinstr. 60