Introduction to Programming with Python

Python is the ideal language for getting started in programming because of its quickly learnable syntax. This practical course offers a comprehensive insight into Python 3 and focuses on hands-on work with the computer. The aim is to learn the essential techniques and the ideas behind them by means of numerous illustrative examples. Solutions to typical problems are worked out step by step.
The participants learn the program development with Python and especially the application of concepts of object-oriented programming in a practice-oriented way. Projects that have been started in the computer lab can be further developed at home. There are exercises to prepare for the exam.
Please note, the Course is offered in German.


  • Introduction to programming, instructions in interactive mode, scripts, data types, control structures
  • Functions, modules, modelling with collections (tuples, lists, quantities, dictionaries)
  • Object-oriented programming, classes, objects, attributes, methods, graphical user interfaces (tkinter), threads and events
  • Processing of character strings, image processing, scientific computing with NumPy, data visualisation with MatPlotLib
  • Fast algorithms, agile programming, typical exam tasks

Course format:
Hands-on course in classroom with e-learning elements, written exam as final exam

Target group: Participants with little or no programming knowledge, previous knowledge of Python is not required

Credit Points: 3 CP within the General Studies in case of successful participation in the course and the final test

Recommended literature: Weigend, Michael (2019): Python 3. Lernen und professionell anwenden. Das umfassende Praxisbuch. 8., erweiterte Auflage. Frechen: mitp (mitp Professional).