Shutdown of OpenVPN as of 16.03.2023

For security reasons, VPN access via OpenVPN will be switched off as of 16.03.2023. We therefore ask everyone who has been using OpenVPN to switch to the Cisco Secure Client (formerly Cisco AnyConnect VPN).

Here you can find instructions on how to set up the Cisco Secure Client (formerly Cisco AnyConnect VPN): Instructions VPN

Logging into Cisco AnyConnect requires 2-factor authentication with OTP (= One-Time-Password). This is requested in addition to your network access password.
If you have not used OTP before, please set up the service beforehand in order to use the Cisco Secure Client.

Instructions for setting up OTP with different operating systems can be found here: Instructions OTP

A FAQ has also been compiled to answer the most frequently asked questions about OTP: FAQ