Approval of applications in the online tool WWUBEN from 01.06.2023 only with OTP

From 01.06.2023, the approval of group membership and identification applications in the online tool WWUBEN can only be used with 2-factor authentication via OTP (one-time password).

This is for security reasons and protects the university and its members from access by unauthorised persons. Already now, some functions of WWUBEN can only be used with OTP. If you have already set up OTP for other services of University of Münster, you do not need to do anything. From 01.06.2023, simply use OTP during the authorisation process in WWUBEN via your already registered OTP generator.

If you have not used OTP so far, you will need to install an OTP generator as an app on your smartphone and register it in the IT portal.

You will find all the necessary information and instructions at: OTP
A FAQ has also been compiled to answer the most frequently asked questions about OTP: FAQ OTP

OTP (one-time password)
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