2-Factor Authentication: Implementation from November 7th, 2022

From November 7th, 2022 we will be safer! The WWU introduces 2-factor authentication for individual services that allow external access to internal WWU data and programs. This is a first step towards better protection against hacker attacks and other security incidents. You may already be familiar with the procedure if you use online banking or other online services. 2-factor authentication enables proof of identity by combining two different and, in particular, independent factors.

  • The first factor is still your chosen WWU password.
  • For the second factor, we recommend a one-time password via an OTP app. All further information and instructions for setting up the procedure can be found under one-time password (OTP).

The introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA) will initially affect employees with access to critical areas of IT services. The services protected by 2FA are initially VDI and administrative VPN networks.