User survey: High satisfaction with IT support at WWU

More than 2,500 WWU members took part in the recent online survey, roughly equal numbers of students and employees. The results confirm the already very good results of previous years: 42 percent say they are very satisfied with IT support, and another 40 percent are somewhat satisfied. Only 7 percent are dissatisfied. WWU IT also achieved top marks for values such as reliability, trustworthiness, helpfulness and competence. Users also feel that they are usually taken seriously and receive helpful information in a reasonable amount of time. The only areas where there is room for improvement are the ability to find the right contact person and the user-friendliness of the various systems.

Of the individual services, the home office support was rated particularly well, which has taken on additional importance with the service agreement on flexible workplaces adopted last year. However, WLAN, which has become more of a focus again with the return to normality, also scored particularly well.

In the area of IT security, the vast majority (90%) feel well or very well protected in the work context. In the private environment, the perception of security is significantly lower. This could also have something to do with the fact that one in ten has been the victim of a security incident in the last 12 months, e.g., password theft. Numerous known attacks, including on public institutions, have also led to one in four people being more concerned about IT security than they were a year ago.

Other topics in the survey included PC pools and a planned chatbot. Around 30 percent of students use PC pools at least occasionally. They are particularly valued because of the possibility of accessing certain subject-specific software and as a place to stay. A large proportion advocate developing the pools further in the direction of group workrooms with collaboration tools or towards lounges for using their own end devices; in contrast, only 29 percent prefer classic PC workrooms.

With regard to the planned test of a chatbot in the WWU IT hotline, one-third of those surveyed say they would definitely like to try out this additional option to the classic telephone hotline, while another 26% are still undecided. Around 35% have already had experience with chatbots, albeit in roughly equal parts positive and negative. Quin is the preferred name for the chatbot.

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