Here is how you can finance your stay abroad:

Target group Project
Disciplinary courses, language courses, study or group travel, competition travel worldwide enrolled doctoral students Promos
DAAD has been financing a mobility programme since 2011, which allows spending short periods abroad during study.
Research stays abroad worldwide German expert scientists employed in an academic field in North Rhine-Westphalia Heinrich Hertz Foundation
Research stays in the USA German doctoral students Fulbright Commission
Guest lectureships at Erasmus+  partner institutions of higher education professors, lecturers, research associates, PhD students Contact: Maria Homeyer
(Coordination researchers/staff mobility)
Travel subsidy worldwide (e.g. conference participation fees, travel costs air/rail/road, accommodation costs etc.) doctoral students and habilitants Fazit-Foundation
Further training at Erasmus+ partner institutions of higher education (stay, job shadowing, language courses) university staff in general Contact: Maria Homeyer
(Coordination researchers/staff mobility)

Other funding possibilities

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service): The DAAD scholarship database informs about funding provided not only by the DAAD itself, but also other funding organizations which support stays abroad.

SAFIR (Research Funding Support): WWU's advisory service for external sources of funding for international research cooperation, doctoral study funding, stays abroad, event funding, etc.