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First Joint Doctoral Summer School
Stay tuned: Joint Doctoral Summer School 2019 in York
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Run by the WWU Graduate Centre and the  Research Excellence Training Team at York July 17 - 20, 2018 in Kavaliershäuschen, the first joint free-of-charge European Professional Development Doctoral Summer School provided an opportunity for 15 exceptional research students at the University of Münster, Germany, the University of York, UK and the Maastricht University, Netherlands to come together to develop their professional skills, share and exchange ideas and network. The WWU Graduate Centre is indebted to all involved people from three institutions for the loveliest four days of mutual support, creative cooperation, active engagement despite sleep deprivation, serious diligence, etc., particularly to our International Office for supporting us financially with its Internationalisation Fund.

The summer school has been an unforgettable experience for all participants, who undertook skills analysis, reviewed career options, developed career development plans, explored and put into practice tools to support project and people management skills, and created strategies for long-term collaborative activities.

My professional skills received a clear polish as being involved in this programme left me with good chance of managing individuals from different educational environment and training gave me a real sense of direction to what job do I really want to do and what exactly do I need equip myself with to sell myself effectively in the competitive job market around the globe.
Doctoral Student from York
Doctoral Student from Münster
Doctoral Student from Münster
I benefited greatly from exercises to improve my CV, practice (non)academic job interviews and advice on what skills and experiences to acquire for my dream job. This may sound trivial, but this workshop also helped me to gain clarity on my future goals and objectives and allowed me to formulate a concrete plan on how to achieve them.
Doctoral Student from Maastricht