• Summer semester 2021

    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christine Fertig

    Lecture (084207): History of the Consumer Society (1650 – 1950)

    Advanced seminar (084239): The World of Goods. Consumption and Early Globalisation

  • Winter semester 2020/21

    Proseminar (082229): Introduction to the study of modern history: The Weimar Republic. Welfare state and everyday life

    Hauptseminar (082245): Welfare in the post-war period. Social policy in Scandinavia, Great Britain and the Federal Republic of Germany

  • Summer semester 2020

    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christine Fertig

    Hauptseminar (080230): Knowing the world. Nature, medicine and the emergence of the knowledge society (17th-19th c.)

    Übung (080265): Methods of digital history. Households on the net

    Henning Bovernkerk, MA/MEd

    Übung: Digital and consumer history: Probate inventories in 18th century Münsterland

  • Winter semester 2019/20

    Hauptseminar (088238): Agriculture in Modern History (18th - 20th c.)

    Übung (088255): Family, Kinship and Households in Modern History (18th - 19th c.)

  • Summer semester 2019

    Proseminar (086220): Introduction to the study of modern history: Crafts and industry in Westphalia in the 19th century

  • up to winter semester 2018/19

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