June, 2015

  • Second best Poster Award. The poster presentation of SketchMapia web-interface got second best poster award in the conference AGILE,2015. See the AGILE website here for more information.

April, 2015

  • SketchMapia Web-interface. The SketchMapia web-interface poster is accepted in the conference AGILE,2015. AGILE 2015 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and it enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It is known by the nickname of "The City of Seven Hills"..
  • We are hiring! We are looking for a student assistant SH10 (10 hrs/week) to develop methods for visualizing answers returned by a geospatial query-by-sketch system. See the flyer here for more information."

December 2014

  • Web-Interface for SketchMapia. The SketchMapia system with its components (1) Object Recognizer, (2) Qualifier computing Qualitative Representations, and (3) Qualitative Alignment has a new web-interface. You can easily test all three component with a selection of sketch maps.

September 2014

  • New Release of the Sketch Map Database. Due to the new design of the project homepage in Imperia, we redesigned the sketch map database with over 250 sketch maps more than 10 different study areas!

August 2014

July 2014

  • Klaus Broelemann defended his PhD thesis successfully. Klaus studied Computer Science at the University of Münster. His research work on "Automatic Offline Understanding Of Hand-Drawn Sketch Maps" is related to the SketchMapia project.
  • Jia Wang defended her PhD thesis successfully. Jia studied Master in Geospatial Technologies at the University of Münster and completed her PhD on "The cognitive aspects of sketch map alignment". She joined the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich as a post-doctoral with Mike Worboys in Feb 2014.
  • Prof. Mike Worboys from Greenwich University) visited the Spatial Intelligence Lab. He worked with the SketchMapia team on alternative representations of qualiative sketch aspects: We explored graph-representations to represent qualitative nature of sketch maps.

April 2014

January 2014

  • SketchMapia Poster at Tag der Informatiken. We presented the SketchMapia project at the Tag der Informatiken at the University of Muenster. The poster can be downloaded her (poster-pdf)
  • Full Paper accepted at AGILE Conference. The paper ‘Qualitative Representations of Extended Spatial Objects in Sketch Maps.’ by Jan, Schwering, Chipofya and Binor was acceoted at the 17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE, 2014) in Castellón, Spain.

July 2013

  • Prof. Gerard Ligozat from Paris-Sud University visited the Spatial Intelligence lab. He worked with the SketchMapia team on qualitative representations of sketch aspects, qualitative reasoning and consistency checking in alignment.