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GMES-basierte Geoservices für den Bergbau
zur Unterstützung von Exploration und Erkundung
sowie des integrierten Monitorings
für Umweltschutz und Betriebssicherheit

  • Description

    Spatial information is needed in all phases of the mining life cycle. Main issues are the economical prospection and exploration of deposits as well as environmentally friendly and safe mining activities from mine planning through mine development and mineral extraction to closure and reclamation. New information from GMES4Mining can support different processes: A faster and more accurate identification of mining areas, ground movement monitoring and observation of environmental protection.Therefore within the R&D project GMES4Mining, funded by Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, innovative multi sensorial analytical methods as well as geographic information technologies will be developed. In particular high resolution hyperspectral and multispectral data as well as radar data will be tested in combination with innovative in-situ measures, e.g. latest geophysical exploration methods, ground-based radar and geo information technologies. All used methods will be bundled as cross-technology geo services and will be optimized towards the real requirements from industry within pilot studies in selected mining areas in Germany and abroad. Final target is the strengthening the support to all processes in prospection, exploration and monitoring for environmental protection and operational safety in mining.

  • Persons

    • Professor Dr. Edzer Pebesma
    • Dr. Christian Knoth