The EU commission has just confirmed the continuation of our MSc program in Geospatial Technologies as part of the Erasmus Mundus program. The European Union will therefore support 84 scholars within the next 5 ½ years with a total of EUR 3.9 million. This great achievement is not only the result of countless hours spent for preparing the extensive application, which finally succeeded over around 80 other highly competitive proposals, but also values the 15 years of experience we meanwhile have in offering this unique study program.
The MSc program in Geospatial Technologies is offered as a Joint Degree together with NOVA IMS (Portugal) and Universitat Jaume I - UJI in Castellón (Spain). The international character, however, does not only come from these three locations, but mainly from the broad range of countries the students come from. The more than 250 students who have attended the program so far came from over 50 different countries, such as Ethiopia, Brazil, USA, China, Colombia, East Timor or Jamaica.
If that sounds like an interesting experience to you, please feel free to have a closer look at the program's website: