Francis Harvey: No Questions, Just Solutions: Geoinformatics and Human Futures

Harvey Since our global futures rely on solving socio-environmental challenges, geoinformatics lies at the core of our capabilities. The challenges are profound, complicated, intricate, and inseparable from our human existence, continued livelihoods, and sustainability of the nascent global civilization. One challenge stands out from all the rest: the confusion about the connections between information, knowledge, and human understanding. The resulting shibboleths of modern thought often persist in spite of evidence that many of our deeply held concepts are delusional convictions. Geoinformatics can gain from reflection, reconsideration, and, in many cases, retirement of those convictions that impede the development of solutions. In my contribution, based on some initial work on a larger book project, I'll take up some fundamental GIScience concepts (integration, accuracy and the material/mind duality) that urgently need rethinking to assure foundations for the solutions geoinformatics offers our global futures.