PhD projects

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Due to the cooperation of scholars from the fields of communication studies, economics, information systems, psychology and sport science, the Research Training Group offers a research context which allows the PhD students to deal with different fields of investigation and analysis levels with both a disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

The Research Training Group will generate more attention for the category "trust" in all subjects involved.

Area of investigation Level of analysis

Metacognitive mechanisms of privacy regulation on Social Networking Sites
Dr. Ricarda Moll

Adaptive Mechanisms in Mediated Communication
Dr. Gesa Linnemann

Relationships of Trust between Acteurs of Journalism and Politics in the Digitalized Age
Marco Rustemeyer

Trust in journalism and the relevance of other information sources: opinion leaders in a digitized age
Yasmin Erenler

Adolescents’ risk perception and trusting behaviours
on Social Networking Sites
Anja Schmitt

Journalism under suspicion: On the no-man's-land of media trust and distrust
Dr. Malte G. Schmidt

The Perception of Journalistic Risk. Exploring the Relationship Between Risk, Trust, and News Journalism from the Recipients’ Point of View.
Laura Badura

Acceptance of and Trust in Virtual Reality Technology
Robin Janzik

Working title: Misinformation in Online Social Networks: A User Perspective on Trust in Posts
Isabelle Freiling

Recipient Trust in Online Information about Scientific Controversis - Comparing Journalism and Science Blogs
Dr. Sarah Fischer

Source: Internet. The Role of Trust in Social Media Sources for the News Coverage of International Conflict Areas
Dr. Florian Wintterlin

Trust in journalism - how
news outlets try to capture and build their audience's trust. A qualitative analysis based on an integrative model of trust
Bernadette Uth

Public Trust in the News Value of User-Generated Online Videos as a Product of Network Communication
Dr. Anil Kunnel

The Depiction of Trust, Mistrust, and Trust Problems within the Context of Digitalization in the Media
Dr. Katherine M. Engelke


Maximization of Trust in Virtual Teams using Innovative Groupware Solutions
Dr. Christina Breuer

Antecedents of Trust and Socioemotional Negotiation Outcomes in Virtual and Face-to-Face-Negotiations
Dr. Jens Mazei

Area of Conflict between Control and Trust in Employee-Supervisor Relationships in Virtual Offices
Dr. Philipp D. Romeike

The Effect of Changing Working Environments on Trust and Communication
Dr. Christina Wohlers

Skills for Trust in Virtual and Non-Virtual Teams
Jens Kanthak

Explaining Citizens' Non-Adoption and Adoption of E-Government in Germany
Dr. Bettina Distel

Leadership in the digital age: Effects of digitization on context, tools, and functions of leadership communication
Miriram Höddinghaus

Trust and Behavior in a Digital Work Environment
Dr. Maike Bruckes

Trust Development in Dyadic Negotiations (working title)
Dominik Sondern

Building Trust through Communication via Websites in the Context of Cloud Computing
Dr. Ayten Öksüz

Building Trust through Social Presence in Online Environments - A General Evaluation and the Application in the Cloud Computing Context
Dr. Nicolai Walter

Trust In and Through Word of Mouth in the Digital Era
Dr. Christian Wiencierz

Trust in the banking sector’s leadership – An empirical analysis of sustainable business model integration in traditional banking as a means of counteracting banking’s trust crisis in times of digitial change
Dr. Simone Zachariat

Trust as a way to promote corporate responsibility in increasingly anonymous supply chains
Dr. Maximilian Holtgrave

Trust in corporate leadership. The role of internal communication media in building and strengthening employee trust.
Julia Niebergall

Trust in Algorithm- and Data-Based Strategic Communication
Natascha Löffler

Trust within organizational teams a multilevel perspective
Viktoria Baumeister

Trustworthy Information Systems (working title)
Holger Koelmann

Kommunikation von Werten durch Non-Profit-Organisationen
Anna Dudenhausen

Organizational Transparency and Trust
Richard Hossiep

The influence of online communication on the perception of organisations
Dr. Mona Folger


Establishing Trust in Online Health Communication: The Role of Privacy, Expertise, and Social Validation in Online Forums
Dr. Franziska M. Thon

Expert-layperson-communication online: Trust in experts and their expertise
Dr. Maria Zimmermann

Mind the knowledge gap: Reflecting about science and one’s own knowledge (limits) through explaining scientific issues
Nina Vaupotic

Whom do parents trust with their questions about raising children – and why? Development of an interactive online application for educational counselling regarding socioemotional development at preschool age
Eva Strehlke

Trust in eHealth
Leonie Kuen

Vigilance and trust in reasoning about controversially discussed science claims on social media
Lukas Gierth

"Whom to believe?" - Epistemic trust within judgments about scientific information
Dr. Friederike Hendriks

Measuring the self by means of digital media
Dr. Lena Busch

An Agent-Based Analysis of Doping Behavior in Eite Sports
Dr. Daniel Westmattelmann

Building trust in the coach-athlete relationship through digital communication
Dr. Sydney Querfurth

Trust and team cognitions in traditional and digital team sport
Charlotte Raue

Creating Trust concerning PED- and PIED-Consume in Sports-Clubs and Sport-Federations
Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper

Believe it or not: The effect of athlete's crisis communication on trustworthiness and reputation in case of doping allegations
Dr. Katharina Pöppel