History of YGGT

Young Geometry Group Theory (YGGT) is a series of annual conferences which has been launched by Piotr Przytycki. The first edition took place in Bedlewo, Poland, in 2012. It has since been established as the largest conference series for geometric group theorists in the northern hemisphere, focusing on young researchers.


Edition Year Location Organizers
I 2012 Bedlwo, Poland K. Duszenko, P. Przytycki, P. Zawiślak, M. Duchin
II 2013 Haifa, Israel U. Bader, T. Hartnick, M. Sageev
III 2014 Marseille, France F. Guéritaud, F. Kassel, F. Labourie,  J. Manning
IV 2015 Spa, Belgium P.-E. Caprace, T. De Medts, D. Hume, F. Le Maître
V 2016 Karlsruhe, Germany S. Hensel, D. Kielak, P. Schwer
VI 2017 Oxford, United Kingdom A. Kar, J. Mackay, A. Thomas
VII 2018 Les Diablerets, Switzerland C. Ciobotaru, S. Dowdall, D. Gruber, A. Sisto
VIII 2019 Bilbao, Spain Y. Antolin, M. Casals, I. Kazackov
IX 2020 Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer, France R. Coulon, B. Duchesne, T. Fernos
X 2021 Newcastle, United Kingdom (Virtual) M. Durham, A. Duncan, S. Rees, A. Vdovina