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Digital Humanities (DH) apply computer-based methods to answer traditional questions in the humanities. Digitized or digital sources as well as research resources are linked and rethought for research and utilization in the digital realm. Images, texts – including entire text corpora – as well as audiovisual material are analyzed with the help of computers. In addition, complex data structures can be visualized and thus made explorable. The application of DH methods enables humanities research to gain new insights.

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) has existed since 2017 as an association of interests of digital researchers in the humanities and computer science departments. The biennially elected board of the CDH is responsible for the scientific design and strategic orientation of the thematic field of Digital Humanities at the University of Münster. The team of the Service Center for Digital Humanities (SCDH) consists of developers, coordinators and staff at ULB Münster and supports the community of DH researchers by providing professional project advice and support from proposal submission to publication.