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Travelling to Münster

There will be a free “Welcome! Ticket Münster” for all attendees (for any number of road and rail trips within the municipal area of Münster including night busses for the duration of your meeting).
You will receive the ticket upon registration.

By plane

First option:

Münster can be reached by plane only from a few specific destinations. The airport (FMO) is located about 20 minutes north of the city center. More information you can find on the airport homepage at

Arrival by plane (FMO only):
After arrival at the airport (FMO), you will have to travel to Münster main station first. Bus connections can be found here from FMO to Münster railway station (Münster Hbf). Afterwards, please take one of the buses (see arrival by train).

Departure by plane (FMO only):
Please take one of the buses to the main station, first. For buses from Münster main station to the airport (FMO), you will find possible connections in the file below:
FMO Airport transfer click here

Second option:

The nearest larger international airport is Düsseldorf There are many direct trains from Düsseldorf airport (DUS) to Münster main station (Hbf) which take about 1,2 hours. For connections see:

By train

Travelling from Germany:

Münster main station (Hbf) can be reached by fast trains (EC, ICE, IC) from almost any destination. All information of coming to Münster by train is available on the website of Deutsche Bahn

Travelling from France:

From Paris, a fast train Thalys goes every hour with destination Düsseldorf main station (Hbf). From Düsseldorf main station (Hbf), there are many direct fast trains (EC, ICE, IC) to Münster main station (Hbf) which take about 1,5 hours. For connections see: The Thalys can also be taken until destination “Essen”, but the connecting trains from Essen to Münster main station (Hbf) are less frequent than those from Düsseldorf main station (Hbf).

Arrival by Train at Münster main station (Hbf):
After arrival at Münster main station (Hbf), you can choose between two different buses (No 4 and 13) to travel to the PharmaCampus:
Bus No 4 and Bus no. 13 click here
(Highlighted in green, you’ll find the two important bus stops for entry and exit)

Departure by Train from Münster main station (Hbf):
Please find attached the two bus time tables (No 3 and 13) for Münster main station (Hbf). ATTENTION: Please notice that bus No 13 is not available on Saturday!
Bus No 3 and Bus No 13 click here
(Highlighted in green, you’ll find the two important bus stops for entry and exit)

By car

If you come by car you reach Münster best via the BAB A1 (motorway A1).
For a detailed map please use one of the common route finders. Our address is:
PharmaCampus, Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry,
Corrensstr. 48, 48149 Münster.

Parking around the institute can be found here. If you need a parking ticket for the institute area, please let us know by email There are only a limited number of tickets available.