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Unsere Schwerpunkte liegen in der experimentellen Untersuchung von Transportprozessen in ionenleitenden Elektrolyten mit Hilfe von NMR-Methoden, sowie in Aufbau und Charakterisierung von Materialien aus geladenen molekularen Komponenten durch Selbstorganisation.


Recent Highlights

Combining our favourite method of electrophoretic NMR with impedance spectroscopy, we propose a new method to determine ion drift velocities and transference numbers even for ions that cannot be directly detected by NMR. Where electrochemical methods often fail due to difficult handling of alkali metal electrodes, eNMR/IS provides an alternative way to quantify cation transference in beyond-lithium battery electrolytes

© AK Schönhoff
© AK Schönhoff

Figure: Transference numbers ti of TFSI anions (blue) and the respective cation species from eNMR/IS (green) in G3+MTFSI (M=Li, Na) and G3+Mg(TFSI)2 with 2:1 and 1:1 molar ratio (G3:salt) and in PEO+MTFSI (M=Li, K, Na) with r = [M]/[EO] = 0.1 and PEO+Mg(TFSI)2 with r = [Mg]/[EO] = 0.05. For comparison TLi as obtained from 7Li eNMR measure¬ments (red).


Mönich, C.; Andersson, R.; Mindemark, J.; Hernández, G.; Schönhoff, M.
Seeing the Unseen: Mg2+, Na+ and K+ Transference Numbers in Post-Li Battery Electrolytes by Electrophoretic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2024, 146(16), 11105-11114.