Request for a server certificate

If you are the responsible administrator of a server in the area supplied by the Certification Authority (CA) of the University of Münster, then you may request a server certificate and so allow the users of your server to establish secure connections to the server.

A responsible administrator is a person who is allowed to edit the entry for this server in the central computer database of the University of Münster.

There are different methods for creating a key pair and for submitting the certification request to the CA:

  1. Via ACME as described here. If your server can retrieve certificates automatically via ACME, please use this way, because the regularly necessary update of the certificate can then take place fully automatically.

  2. With the IT portal (login with personal digital ID required). If your server cannot automatically retrieve certificates via ACME, you can alternatively obtain individual server certificates this way. (This way certainly does not require detailed instructions.)