Jun.- Prof. Dr. Stephan von Delft participates in congress of the German-Brazilian Chamber


In its ninth edition, the German-Brazilian Innovation and Sustainability Congress, organized by the German-Brazilian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) and co-hosted by the German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH-SP), will have Jun.- Prof. Dr. Stephan von Delft, junior professor of chemistry and entrepreneurship at WWU, on its panel of speakers. The presentation of Prof. von Delft, scheduled for September 23 at 11:55 am (GMT-3), will be about innovative and sustainable business models. He will address market trends and the demands of the modern consumer, and the need for companies to reinvent themselves to keep up with constant changes.

With a wide range of speakers, the event will also cover topics such as:

• Strategy, Management and Culture of Innovation
• Digital Transformation
• Businesses of Impact and ESG and
• Open Innovation

In the Congress’ programme, which will run for two days, between September 23rd and 24th, two workshops are also planned focused on the creation of innovation and sustainability projects, as well as networking opportunities through matchmaking sessions. Access the news on the DWIH website [en] to find out how to participate.

Please note: registration for the main event and for workshop and matchmaking events must be made through different links, available at the end of the news.

The conference presentation in English can be viewed on Youtube under this link [en] (min 3h17).