WWU organizes a webinar with the Brazilian Supreme Court


The webinar "COVID-19 and its impact on fundamental rights", organized by the WWU and its Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF), will take place on 12 November at 3pm (CET). The first event marks the beginning of the „STF & WWU Webinar Series“
and the formalization of the cooperation between the Law Faculty of the University of Münster and the highest court in Brazil. Participants from the Brazilian side are justices Luis Fux and Gilmar Mendes, Prof. Dr. Vera Karam de Chueiri (UFPR) and Prof. Dr. Ingo Sarlet (PUC-RS). The WWU will be represented by the Dean of its Law Faculty, Dr. Matthias Casper, Prof. Dr. Niels Petersen, Chair for Public Law, International Law and European Union Law, and Prof. Dr. Oliver Lepsius, Chair for Public Law and Constitutional Theory. Interested parties must register using the following link: https://wwuindico.uni-muenster.de/event/1015/.


The initiative is the result of longstanding contacts between lawyers from both countries. For example, the Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes, who is an alumnus of the WWU and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hans-Uwe Erichsen wrote his doctoral thesis at the WWU on the subject of "The abstract control of norms before the German Constitutional Court and the Brazilian Supremo Tribunal Federal". In view of the previous cooperation and the interest of the STF in strengthening relations with the WWU, the Brazil Centre, contacted by the STF, supported the Faculty of Law in initiating the cooperation. On the occasion of the event, an agreement will be signed between the Faculty of Law and the STF, which aims at the scientific exchange and the mobility of researchers in both directions and is awaited with great enthusiasm.


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