The library of the Institute of Educational Science and Communication Science contains some 100,000 books and 150 current periodicals on educational and related topics.

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© Markus Schröter
© Markus Schröter

There are  computers available for library research. There is also a reading room where you can peruse books and do research with your own computer. The library offers free WIFI access via a “WLAN hotspot”. The web computers and WLAN hotspot may only be used by members of the University.

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Photocopiers can be found in Rooms 110 and 123. These will only work with your Mensa Card (cashless). In combination with your Mensa Card, you can also print documents via a USB flash drive or SD memory card. Using the functions Scan2USB and Scan2Mail, you can scan documents of up of 15 MB free of charge (only available to members of the University). To learn more about how to use the copying, scanning and printing functions, click the link on the right, or read the instructions on the notice board at the library.

© Markus Schröter

You can borrow a USB flash drive (security deposit: ID card or 10 euros) from the lending desk to print out texts on the photocopiers in Rooms 110 and 123. To ensure that your texts are formatted correctly, please read page 4 of the printing instructions carefully.

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The library offers web-enabled computers. The computers were installed in 2017 and can only be used by students and staff of the University of Münster.

© Markus Schröter

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